how do i transfer kindle books from one amazon account to another

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how do i transfer kindle books from one amazon account to another

As an ebook fan, you have bought a great many books for reading from Amazon. I prefer electronic books than paper ones for the great convenience they bring to read anytime. They are portable no matter where you go.

May you like to transfer your books to others e-readers and share the splendid contents with them?

There are various conventional methods which can transfer Kindle books to other e-readers so as to enjoy ebooks together with friends and families.


Step 1: Connect your old Kindle to your computer via USB.
“My Computer”, Click it and open the drive.

Step 2: Open the folders and drag selected files from the Kindle and drop them into the computer’s hard drive, transfer ebooks and other documents from the old Kindle to your computer.

Step 3: Connect another paperwhite to your computer via USB, then there will be a removable disk displaying on your computer. Open it and transfer the documents those files copied from your old Kindle to the new one.


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