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Nook Smart Device Buying Guide

Get Nook Customer Service Support Phone Number for the second generation e-reader. Nook Simple Touch provides a unique digital reading experience to the reading enthusiasts. It allow users to register Nook Simple Touch that lets them download or buy Nook books, newspapers, magazines from the Nook Bookstore. The Nook Tablet a 16 GB tablet, developed by Barnes & Noble. It features 1 GB of RAM, ROM of 16 GB eMMC and 11 GB of storage capacity and 7 inches screen. The Table launched on 17 November, 2011 and 8GB Nook Tablet introduced on February, 2012. User of these devices always need help.

Call at Nook Customer Service Support Phone Number

  • First, it was available on the cost of US$ 249. Shortly, the company had stopped manufacturing these versions and introduced the Nook HD and Nook HD+ versions in the market.
  • NOOK’s second generation e Reader, the Simple Touch tablet offers a distinctive reading experience. Through its interactive GUI, supported by its robust operating system.
  • It permits buyers to enroll to NOOK Simple Touch online community. where you get an opportunity to download or buy NOOK books, e-newspapers, and digital magazines from the NOOK bookstore.
  • A couple of more tablets including Kindle have introduced after NOOK, but still, users have clinched to their favorite e Reader. The reason behind it is the clear readability offered by the device.
  • Another prominent thing is the technical support for the NOOK devices. which is available throughout the America and rest of the world.
  • The need of technical support comes in when your device starts throwing errors unanticipated issues. EreaderHelp is a one place destination for availing an effectual and permanent fix for all sorts of NOOK issues. To contact our support team, Call at Nook Customer Service Support Phone Number

24-hour Accessible NOOK Support Customer Service Number

Users can call at NOOK support number whenever they need to. EreaderHelp is accessible 24×7 and offers support to fix all device issues alongside genuine NOOK support.


The Nook Tablet is the one of the excellent selling product after apple IPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire with sale of 5,000,000 units till October 2012.

The device operates on Android operating system. It supports many booting options. Alternate to Android, the users can also use Cyanogen Mod operating system with advance features such as overclocking. The Tablet supports Wireless via Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n connectivity. The Nook Tablet supports various types of E-book, Audio, Images, Videos and Other documents.

The list of files which supported by the device includes PDF, CBZ, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPEG, PNG, MP4, Adobe Flash, MKV, Web, DOCX, DOC, XLSX and many others.

Applications of NOOK Tablet

  • NOOK Tablet contains all the latest features. That make the product one among the bestselling brands in international market.
  • The tablet possesses various applications that aids in doing day to day works. Beside this the NOOK Tablet carries entertainment applications also.
  • The tab has a reading application that contains books of best authors and assures best display quality.
  • NOOK Tablet also provides audio reading app that provide audio content from the desired books and from different authors. In Addition to this tab has various video applications that make sure crystal clear picture quality and sounds.
  • If you’ve encountered problems with your nook we’d suggest posting them to our nook talk forum and see if anyone has run into your problem.
  • The B&N Support Forum is very large and not friendly to newbies from what I’ve seen. Also check out the rest of the FAQ and our HOW-TO Guides.
  • If you are new to the nook you might want to check out our New-2-the-nook Tutorial.

Employment Opportunity with NOOK Tablet

EreaderHelp is a fast growing manufacturing company. That provides ample job opportunities to skilled individuals.

The company has devised employment policy to recruit human resource.

Get Solution For Common NOOK E-reader Issues

Some common issues faced while reading on this device are as follows:

  • Issues related to tablet color and brightness
  • Adding new books to the store
  • Screen freezes
  • OS of the NOOK Simple Touch crashes
  • Compatibility issues with other operating systems
  • Unable to unlock the tablet
  • Reading on NOOK in absence of light
  • Updating NOOK with Google Play
  • Power issues
  • Critical battery’ error thrown while the power plugged in Nook e-reader screen has frozen.
  • Unable to connect Nook e-reader to Wi-Fi.
  • Nook device not charging after connecting it with the charger.
  • Unable to setup Nook account at www Nook com account.
  • Display colors are spurious.
  • Problems in downloading e books from the Nook library.
  • Getting blank screen after restarting Nook device.
  • E books not opening.
  • Nook battery is not working (fast draining).
  • Password to the Nook’s account not working.
  • The solution for all these issues have mentioned at our Support. Our approach while writing the troubleshooting steps was clear.
  • We thought about all the possible errors that could arise while performing the troubleshoot process. Therefore, we have covered all the aspects so that people don’t have to look for any other support to eradicate the problems.

Whatever be the issue with your NOOK tablet, our team will help you fix all those issues.

Why Choose Our Tablet Support for issues in Nook

  • Tried and Tested Solutions

The information that given on the website tested several times, thus ensuring 100% results. The troubleshooting steps will work, so a faulty Nook device will soon change into a fully-functional Nook device.

  • Unconventional Support

My Tablet Support has mentioned the troubleshooting steps of the rare Nook problems as well. The chances of their occurrence is low.

  • Assured Resolution

Users who have been facing issues in their Nook e-readers will get a proper resolution.


Below listed are a few services offered by our NOOK tablet experts:

  • Resolving frequent software crash issue.
  • Fixing compatibility issue with Mac OS.
  • Comprehensive support for NOOK tablet.
  • let us know the device issue. our experts will offer a permanent fix.
  • Unlocking the tablet.
  • Adding/Downloading eBooks on NOOK.
  • Updating latest NOOK HD from Google Play.
  • Resolving battery related issues.

Support and Help for Nook

We promise to deliver a conscientious support. Which is one of the leading eBook readers in the world. With a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, we can address  any issue befalling your Nook. We Considered as the best Nook support by many customers because we deal issues regarding:

  • Registration of the device.
  • Password issues.
  • Screen issues.
  • Battery issues.
  • Docs issues.
  • Wi-Fi connection issues.
  • Connection via USB.
  • Books issues.
  • Music issues.
  • Video issues.
  • Newsstand issues.
  • Web issues using Nook browsers and more.

Barnes Noble Nook Customer Service Phone Numer

  • For the most comprehensive technical support for Nook, the best thing would be to give us a call. We will take care of all the issues, while customers can sit back and relax. We offer support for Nook Fire/Nook HD, Nook Paper white and the basic version of Nook. Customers can give us a call on our Nook phone number to get quick and reliable support for Nook.
  • We know that users of Nook have never-ending love for books, and they can’t afford to wait to read their favorite books for any given reason. EreaderHelp experts are always available to help you with your problems as and when you require.
  • With a plethora or Nook support available on the web today. It becomes important for people to make the right decision. Because one bad move will cause the device to malfunction.
  • Our Support has studied the device. the technology used in it and the possible issues that can arise in the device. Therefore, the chances of committing any mistake. While writing the troubleshooting steps are astronomical.
  • Be it any issue related to Nook device, we get it fixed with the help of technician. It is good to let our customers know that we are a group of technical sound experts. Who have been providing tech support since years.
  • We are here to help you anytime, anywhere as you wish to take the support.

We provide Support For Nook in UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, USA. To contact call at Barnes and Noble Nook Customer Support Phone Number.

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