Kobo Customer Service Phone Number

Looking for Kobo Customer Service Phone Number. Kobo is a Canadian company most recognized globally as the producer of the Kobo e-reader device. The name of the company (and the product itself) is a simple anagram of the word ‘book’.

Need Kobo e-Reader  Service Support Phone Number

Emerging to a warm reception in 2010, the Kobo quickly expanded its range with various models. Much like its chief competitor the Kindle, the Kobo e-reader is divided between basic monochrome models and a more dynamic, tablet-based offering. The range has proven popular, having taken a 20% share of the worldwide e-reader market.

Rivaling the Amazon Kindle and renowned for its extremely long battery life and straightforward functioning, the Kobo looks likely to be a leading competitor in the e-reader market for years to come.

  • Kobo helpline phone number is the shortest wait time phone number known.
  • The company produces and sell a broad line of tablets and e-Readers. So you will begin with dialing the helpline number of Kobo given below.
  • Simply follow the prompts to have your problem resolved.
  • The contact numbers you find here are regularly updated so there is nothing to worry about.
  • Learn how to Contact Kobo wireless tech Support easily and quickly with step by step guide.
  • Kobo customer service number is what you have to dial from your phone to have your concerns and queries addressed.
  • Kobo is the brand name of eBook, e-Reader, and Tablets which was introduced by Kobo Inc.

New to Kobo?

Find out how to set up your e-Reader, buy eBooks from the Kobo Store, sync eBooks to your Kobo e-Reader and apps, and use Adobe Digital Editions to add eBooks from other sources, such as public library eBooks, to your Kobo e-Reader.

Kobo tech support for customers who are new to Kobo:

  • Wireless connectivity for Kobo: we provide assistance for Wi-Fi connections for Kobo and even if Wi-Fi is slow due to any software reason, we can update router firmware to get it fixed.
  • Kobo registration over Wi-Fi network: sometimes Kobo does not register itself over Wi-Fi because of any internet connectivity issues, will check and resolve router or modem issues.
  • Kobo Touch, tap, read: Browse your library, look up words, change your fonts, and switch between screens quickly and intuitively with Kobo Touch’s highly responsive touchscreen. Reading something with lots of pictures? Kobo Touch lets you easily create your ideal reading experience with the touch of your fingertip.

How can Kobo Customer Service Phone Number help you today?

  • You will be very happy to know that the average hold time of this Customer Care service number is only 4.5 minutes.
  • You can also see that many people found this helpline number useful and clicked well.
  • These figures are enough to give you some idea about the immediate response call center of Kobo.
  • It is true that there are other ways to contact the customer service of the company but you cannot find a better way than this.
  • So dial Kobo customer service phone number now and get answers to all the questions you have in your mind Customers with existing inquiries are redirected to a phone number.
  • You have a very good idea by now about the features to see in a good helpline number. Finding a useful helpline number is not a difficult task anymore. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and start dialing kobo number.

Our Kobo e-reader tech support services are given for issues like.

  • Kobo e-reader keeps crashing
  • Kobo e-reader Won’t Turn On Issue
  • Internal error on downloads
  • Kobo e-Reader Not able to locate password keyboard
  • Kobo e-Reader Registration & Account issue
  • e-Reader Support
  • Kobo e-Reader Internet connectivity or Wi-Fi connection
  • Kobo e-Reader Resetting password
  • Trouble connecting Kobo e-Reader with USB
  • Data and books are not downloading on Kobo e-Reader device
  • Kobo e-reader Updates Is Not Working
  • Kobo e-Reader Battery & charging issue
  • e-Reader Screen issues like Frozen & unresponsive
  • Kobo e-Reader Lines start to appearing on the device screen
  • Software Update for Kobo e-Reader
  • Receiving error message while opening any book
  • Kobo e-Reader stop saving pages
  • Kobo e-reader Troubleshooting Won’t Turn On
  • e-reader keeps disconnecting from Wi- Fi
  • Kobo e-Reader Typing issue
  • Kobo e-Reader Problem with Wi-Fi on Kobo
  • e-Reader Wi-Fi Connection issue

Kobo e-reader Troubleshooting

  • Kobo e-Reader Content or book not in a readable format
  • e-reader Blank Screen
  • Kobo e-reader Won’t Charge
  • Kobo e-reader unable to Receive a converted File.
  • e-Reader Setting up Parental Control
  • Resetting Kobo e-Reader. Resetting Kobo e-Reader
  • Kobo e-Reader Content issue and error
  • Kobo e-reader keeps Rebooting to Recovery
  • e-Reader support when Book could not download
  • Kobo e-reader Menu Option Not Working
  • Kobo e-reader Troubleshooting Won’t Turn Off
  • How to download old Kobo books e-Reader into new Kobo device
  • Kobo e-Reader support for unable to Register Kobo online
  • Kobo e-Reader touch and glow problem
  • e-Reader device is not turning on
  • Kobo Device Help and Kobo E-book Technical Support For all the Kobo e-Reader Models
  • Unable to login in Kobo e-Reader
  • Kobo e-Reader support if you haven’t received e downloaded book
  • Kobo e-Reader working very Slow
  • All time working Kobo e-Reader Tech Support Phone Number to help you always
  • Kobo e-Reader Touch or tap or reading problem
  • Kobo e-Reader unresponsive in portable library

Troubleshooting Kobo Fire

Kobo fire can be easy and interesting if you have working wireless connections and if not you may set the connection by yourself or with the help of tech help. Kobo not connecting with wifi is the main issue people face.

Common Kobo Problems

  •  Problem with Wi-Fi on Kobo
  •  Kobo fire support Unable to Register Kobo
  •  Kobo touch problem, Kobo glow
  •  Amazon Kobo fire support Book did not download
  •   Amazon Kobo fire support haven’t received book
  •  Kobo working Slow, Kobo Mini
  •   Kobo not turning ON, Kobo Vox Kobo Arc and Arc HD
  •   e-reader Touch, tap, read problems
  •   Kobo Fire unresponsive, a portable library
  •  Kobo Help and Kobo Technical Support For all Models.
  •  Custom Technical Support Packages as per requirements.
  •   A proper troubleshooting on Kobo fire.
  •  The perks of being a Kobo reader
  •  Qualified Certified Technical Executive.
  •   24* 7 Support Online.
  •   Help for Kobo fire trouble connecting to Wi-Fi with proper trouble Kobo fire

Live Kobo eReader Customer Support

Live Kobo eReader Tech Support– Kobo is an amazing e-reader device for downloading & reading e-books, newspaper, blog, listening music, watching movies and taking notes. This device is able you carry nearly 3000 e-books wherever you travel.

  • When there are issues with Kobo such as internet error, Connection error, network settings or any other issues, one always needs technical support. So if you are looking for any sort of support for Kobo e-reader then call us at our toll-free and we will provide support for Kobo issues instantly.

Why anyone needs a Technical Support for Kobo eReader?

There are thousands of user activity on Kobo eReader. It is multifunction device and has great integrity. But no matter how good your Kobo device is, it is always an electronic device which can create a problem.

  • There can be any issue and problem in Kobo like hardware issues, internet connection issue, downloading issue, display issues and much more for which you need to look for expert technical support for your Kobo. So for any issue with your Kobo device simply call us on our toll-free number for live and amazing Kobo eReader technical support

Why choose us for Kobo Tech Support?

We are one of the only leading companies who offer the live technical support for Kobo issues. We will provide you the world-class services timely manner, anytime you need. Our team of Certified Technical Engineers to solve issues and have our services based on the customers’ needs. Our certified technicians can quickly diagnose and resolve all your Kobo issues.


  • e-readerhelp is an independent provider of phone support services for software, hardware, and peripherals.
  • We are unique because we have expertise in products from a wide variety of third-party companies expert Support has no affiliation with any of these third-party companies unless such relationship is expressly specified. Phone support may also be provided by such third parties.
  • We do not offer remote technical support. E-READER expert hereby disclaims its sponsorship, partnership, affiliation or endorsement regarding any such third party trademarks and brand names and also proclaims that the use of such terms including third party trademarks and brand names.

Technology may let you down.

E-READER expert Support never will.

  • Zero waiting time with instant access technicians.
  • Choose from a variety of options to solve your problem.
  • 24×7 consistent tech support round-the-year.

78 thoughts on “Kobo Customer Service Phone Number”

  1. deborah meisner

    i got my touch kobo in 2011. how long do they last? for the past year the bottom of the page goes black when looking for a new book to buy and also when trying to buy it. the l
    number key board does not become clear. also it freezes up quite often. sometimes the whole page goes black for no reason and starts over again somewhere different then where i was reading. please send me some advice thanks

  2. Why is there no email address to contact you? I just get bounce backs from any contact details I find. I want to cancel an order and obtain a refund. Please can someone contact me so that I can forward the details.

  3. My Kobo ereader is non-responsive. When switching it on the little green light will blink on and off a few times, but apart from that the device just shows a note stating ‘Please charge your eReader’ and showing the symbol of a battery.
    I have tried pressing the reset button through the hole at the back, but this has had no effect. Please can you help?

  4. Have tried recently to purchase a couple of books but cannot complete the purchase as problems with my account- please tell me how to access my account details – thanks

  5. Barry Shearing

    my Kobo Aura screen is locked . I can not find a customer service number to find out what to do , please let me know what to do or call me on Australia mobile number 0419928275

  6. On March 10 I purchased two new Brooks : De winter voorbij by Isabel Allende and De acht bergen by Paolo Cognetti. I supposed I would recieve the Boekenweekgeschenk van Griet Opdebeek. But so far I did not receive this present……can you arrange the present for me? Thank you very much, regards!

  7. I bought a Kobo arc 7 e reader a few years ago and have lost the cable to charge the battery, I went back to the supplier who was J B HiFi and they say they can not get this cable and that I should ring Kobo support.
    I find there is no phone number on your website so can not ask for help in this matter.
    Please advise what do I do now to get the e-reader charged

  8. hi can you tell me if I have to reset my tablet to factory settings can I re load app and still view my books.also I have downloaded Kobo to my pc and when I enter email and password it will not open . Can you please help

  9. Allyson Sanchez


    I’ve been charged 13.64CAD but I don’t remember buying anything from Kobo. I did not subscribe either. The only reason I was there was to claim one free audiobook. I have lost the email and password that I’ve used to log in to Kobo. I’m not sure how to go about in resolving this issue. Thank you for your help.

  10. Sandra Harris

    I’m trying to change my email address and download my current account on to my iPhone. I have it already on my iPad. I am not good at computer stuff and I wanted to talk to someone. Seems imposdible

  11. my kobo mode n905cl for some reason seems to have reinitiated and is functioning as a not used before devise

  12. i have tried again today but am still unable to sign in have reset my modem but keep getting message unable to join

  13. Do no need tech support only want to ask a quick question.
    I cannot find this on any of your pages
    It would have saved a lot of time if where do I go to change credit card to pay for books was easy to read and listed.

  14. Peter Rawlings

    I have a kobo aura one for 18 months and am extremely pleased with it. I have bought another one for ny wife and am getting problems with both . When I sync a book to my ereader from my iPad it puts it mine and sends preview to my wife’s kobo . Then after a while it changes so I got preview and she has the whole book . Can you help me plase

  15. Pam Maccoubrey

    Phone number does not appear. I just want to talk to a person who may be able to help ,e with my problem. Not exactly user friendly.

  16. Janice Redrup

    I can connect my Kobo to the internet But it keeps coming up with ‘Download new Upgrades’. After doing so you click cancel to finish and it closes the uplink. So you start again and all it does is keep showing ‘Download new Upgrades’ it will not allow you to do anything else. Please help as I am also not able to download any new books on my Kobo. It says there is a problem and I an going on holiday soon and need my Kobo books. Thank you – Janice Redrup

  17. Anne saunderson

    Im in Australia and im struggling to find a new kobo touch. My daughter has had hers for 18 months and i dont know where to send it to be fixed. The mtal piece inside the charging port has become lose and it wont charge anymore

  18. My Kobo screen is bubbling. I have had it less than a year at the Best Buy in Ancaster ON There are 5 little small blips which have only appeared in the last few days. I originally thought they were flecks of dirt, so I tried to remove them with a slightly moist eyeglass cloth. I would like the unit replaced. Is there anyone I can actually speak to?


  19. In all the verbiage about how helpful your phone line is, you never supply a number. I answered an email asking if my password had been changed by mistake and said, yes, it had. I wold like to retain my old password. My reply was rejected. I have had more troubles with Kobo than any other app I use online. How do I get in touch. I wanted to order the Allan Furst Monday bookbub, but it will very soon be too late.

  20. I am losing patients trying to find your help phone # so i can purchase books…I have updated payment as requested but the purchase still will not go through

  21. Hoe kan ik u bereiken om te vragen waarom ik niet kan loggen met mijn rakuten kobo account c.q. e-mail adres en bijbehorend password

  22. David Litchfield

    I cannot get my Kobo Glo 6 EPD Sil to work. It is stuck on ‘Sleeping’. It does not respond to tapping the screen. Is there anywhere I can go to in Newcastle NSW Australia to get help?

  23. I bought a book The Family Lawyer but cannot open this book it says there may be a problem with the file. I synchronized my e- reader still can”t open the book. I would like a refund if problem can”t be resolved

  24. Norma Greenfield

    Trying to set up my new Kobo reader. I have put in my password 4 times and it is not recognised and neither is my email address. When I ask to send me reset password, it says it has sent it to my email address but nothing arrives. I have registered with Kobo so no idea what the problem is. Please advise. I cannot get a number to call you on.

  25. kobo arc 7 page is blank. missing all my icons. was able to somehow find Google and that’s all. how do I get everything back?

  26. Hi
    Screen has frozen on my Kobo Glo.
    Tried to turn off.
    Tried to reboot
    Tried to charge on computer
    None of the above has worked.

    Before I went on holiday to Japan I had fully charged my Kobo and did not expect it would need recharging until I returned home 3 weeks later. However, when I noticed it was low on battery I recharged my kobo. Next day when I went to use kobo I got message telling me to connect to computer as needed charging. However, as I was in Japan I could not charge this way so had to use lead into a power point.

    Can you please advise how to fix my kobo. Do I need a new battery? Do I need a new Kobo?

  27. Help I have not been about to access Kobo for the last 3 days,but I have received notification that books are being bought HELP

  28. Hi I’m interested in getting a Ebook
    As I have problem with reading on my MS Surf Pro 5 because of the internal light used to view on screen I’ve tried using darker profiles it helps me to use a bit longer but still internal light glare gives me saw eyes and headaches.

    So I have a few questions about what are the Ebook is cable of doing. Can we talk on the Telephone.

    Is possible to cut & paste copy files on the Ebook or edit the layout.

    Can you add a keyboard via Bluetooth to type or edit the text.

    Is it possible to read Thai or Sinhalese language or Pali Buddhist text meaning does it support these Fonts. Is it also possible to add translating App to translate these languages into English.

    If I have various study text in these languages saved as a Doc in Ms word 10 or Pdf file or JPG file will the Ebook read it.

    The Wacome The Bamboo Slate, Folio and Spark stylst pens that I use on my Glaxy A5 Mobile. Is it also compatible with Kobo Ebooks

  29. Having great difficulty borrowing books from local library. Apparently there have been system changes and everyone is having a problem with this. Please send me the instructions for library borrpwing.

  30. Dear kobo, I have changed my email address n password n phone number! I would like to change all , so I can connect n purchase new books ! I need your Help .

  31. I have an Apple iPad and I have a kobo on there I’m trying to buy a book on in audio book form and I can’t seem to get it to give me that option in the kobo can you please let me know how I can do this if you need to call at 613-298-5520

  32. How do I enter multiple gift card numbers when purchasing a book? The gift card redemption tab only allows for one 10 digit number.

  33. How do I enter multiple gift card numbers when purchasing a book? The checkout page only allows for one 10 digit number.

  34. I am not too sure if my Kobo Ereader is getting old and I need to replace it or is there just a technical problem….my problem seems to be that it is not downloading my books anymore…..on my computer is says the books are downloaded but they are not showing on my ereader……I just purchases 4 new books and cannot get them downloaded…..my ereader has been snyc’d ok….says they are downloaded but cannot see them…..it also seems to not be holding any books that I do have on there…..can I fix this issue or do I need to purchase a new one….and if I need to purchase a new one can I redownload the book to it that I already have….I love my Kobo

    Thanks for your help

  35. Would like a phone number I can call for customer service. I purchased some books on my kobo. When I confirmed the purchase nothing happened and the books did not register on my reader. I would prefer to talk with someone via phone. Am not a tech Davy person🙂

  36. I have purchased an e reader book and it has not downloaded to my Kobo – you have taken the charge for it. Can you download it or refund me the money

  37. Hi there
    I have been charged on my credit card, when I was intending to use one of two Kobo credits I purchased a couple of days ago
    Please advise

  38. Bernard Audigier

    I a first time kobo customer just bought today a Kobo reader Aurah20. I got the runaround when trying to register I need to contact a Kobo personal to help me.
    Bernard Audigier

  39. Géraldine Barreca Kavanagh

    i have a new koboclara hd and I have been trying to purchase books but when i add my info including credit card and everything they ask for I keep getting oops. What am I doing wrong and how can it be fixed.

  40. Hello
    I am having two challenges with my Kobo clara HD
    1. Cannot enlarge fonts when already transferred Kindle books through the various soft wares as instructed by videos online *even once I experiences the large fonts. Now there are no font keys on my kobo?

    2. This a.m. I am experiencing difficulties plugging at the bottom of my Kobo reader with my plugin.

    I am leaving room for you to respond to these two challenging questions?

    Sincerely Kathy

  41. i cannot get my password to go into my account,,I had to change it because I forgot my previous one,,need help

  42. I needed help on December 4, 2017 to download a book. Someone helped me . It has just happened again. The Kobo doesn’t appear on my screen, so I can’t download. I just bought 2 books from Indigo and would like to download them. Please help!

  43. How can I change an ebook which is sent to me in error? My problem is that you have sent me a Spanish translation of a book by Antonio Tabucchi, “Perreira Maintains”, when I ordered the Portuguese translation. I’ve been unable to get help from the FAQs, or Common Problems, Many thanks if you could help.

  44. Where is the phone number? This is really bad for customer. I have the top of the line Kobo and it is frozen. I have no way to reset it like my older one and no phone number.

  45. I cannot believe it. Hit KOBO customer service phone number and nothing comes up. My wife has been a KOBO customer for over two years. Today she ordered three books and they have been charged to her credit card yet she is unable to download them. I am at work and cannot assist her. Extremely frustrating when there is no direct assistance number.

  46. Neither of my email addresses that I have used on KOBO is currently working. And when I use them to ask to send new login password link – nothing comes through. I have an account with books I’ve bought and paid for, so I don’t want to loose this, but I’m not able to fix this either.

    I would just like my correct email to work with a password.

  47. I bought aKoba Clara 4 months ago. It froze 3 days ago while I was reading it. I can’t advance the pages or turn it off. It was fully charged when I started reading. After 3 days, it is still ON. I have been looking for a contact number for Customer Service but can’t locate one. What do I do to shut it off, re-start and advance pages?

  48. Hi
    Screen has frozen on my Kobo Touch.
    Tried to turn off.
    Tried to reboot
    Tried to charge on computer
    None of the above has worked.
    How can I fixed my Kobo, or Where in Brazil or Michigan?

  49. My kobo glo hd when I switched it on tried to do a restore for no reason and failed. Now it asks me to set up my ereader and I get as far as logging onto wifi then it looks for updates then error message ‘something went wrong. Please try again’ then it goes back to setting up my ereader again. Ad infinitum. I’ve had it almost a year and a half and no problems before. Please get back to me as soon as you can.

  50. Unable to open up kobo.I get message connection error. I’m am able connect to internet.I get as far as sign in to kobo then I get message Connection Error.

  51. Please get back to me now. I need someone to fix my Kobo Glo HD. Please see comment 19/11/19. There seems to be no support that I can find. No phone numbers and no chat. My ereader is only 18 months old and I’ve invested a lot of money buying books. All very very frustrating. I am in the UK. I’ve read that you have the most amazing 24/7 cover but can’t find a thing.

  52. I love the concept of Kobo but damn the product is crap. It freezes regularly.. dumbbells does not clear for days I’ve taken to always packing a regular book when I travel because I can’t count on my kobo to work so disappointing.

  53. I’m frustrated trying to buy books by redeeming Kobo gift card. Keep on saying case sensitive. Why do yo not have a customer service hotline for people who purchase your products I now have Kobo gift cards that I am unable to redeem. WHY. PLEASE HELP!

  54. Ffiona Beverley

    I bought two books and downloaded them and they come up as URLLINK.ASCM and I made the mistake of opening them with Adobe Acrobat Reader instead of Adobe Digital Editions. I tried deleting them and downloading again, but they now appear as Adobe files and I can’t open. How can I rectify that?? Also there is a mobile customer support phone number on Kobo website link which is not correct and although there is a long speil on how you can help by phone and only a 4-5 minute wait but nowhere is there actually a number listed to ring, nor an email address. So I hope this gets me help.

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