Kindle Troubleshooting

Kindle Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot Kindle Issues

The Amazon Kindle received world-wide appreciation ever since the first day of its launch. Those who love to read swear by the comfort and usability of this gadget. However, it is an electronically operated device which means that there are bound to be ups and downs. Call KINDLE SUPPPORT

Yes! There will be times when your Amazon Kindle will not work or tend to have operational issues. But, before you hit the panic button in such situations, you need to understand a few things. For starters, issues with electronically operated devices are common and so need not be feared. Also, many of these issues are not at all serious and simply require a restart operation to get the working back on track.

The following steps must be taken in Kindle Troubleshooting Problems:

Understand the Issue.

Before anything else, it is very essential to know, what the actual problem is, and what interruption is being caused. Like, whether the screen is not turning on, or the Power Button won’t work, or even if the Kindle won’t charge. We must first need to know what the basic problem is.

Access the Kindle Manual.

Whenever we buy a Kindle, it comes with an Owner’s manual. If you feel like you don’t have it, you can also download it from Amazon’s Official Website.

  • The owner’s manual has a list of frequent issues, or some uncommon issues too, and their solution mentioned. The owner’s manual is a great Kindle Technical support resource!
Try Various Solutions.

After you have accessed the Kindle Owner’s Manual, you can try the solution mentioned in it, if you have the same problem as is. The Amazon Kindle Support staff also recommends using the Kindle Owner’s manual before anything else.

  • May it be hardware issues, or the software issues, or the Account Information issues, they can help you in the best possible way with ease. Listen carefully to the solution they recommend, and try it as they ask you to do it. In most of the cases, the problem should be solved easily.

Below, we will discuss some of the potential solutions you could use to fix these issues.

Problem #1 – Trouble with startup

Some users have reported that they encounter brief freezes or issues when starting up their Kindle Fire HD, or cannot turn on the device on at all.

Possible solutions:

  • Hold down the power button for twenty seconds to reboot the device, and then tap the power button to turn it back on. This may clear out any glitches that are causing the problem.
  • Press down the power button for twenty seconds until the device is completely off, then plug in the charger and hit the power button again to turn it on. If you think that your battery may be empty, leave it to charge for about an hour before you try to turn it back on.

Problem #2 – Can’t connect to a PC

Some people have found that they struggle with connecting their Kindle Fire HD or HDX to their computer or laptop. While attempting to move files from one location to the other, you may receive a message that the device has stopped responding or been disconnected. In other instances, you might not be able to get the device to appear on your computer as a drive at all.

Potential Solutions:

  • Try turning both your computer and your Kindle Fire HD off for a few seconds, and then back on again. This will reset them both and give them another chance to connect.
  • Attempt using another USB cable, in case the problem is in that, or if you have a spare USB port, try plugging it into that instead.
  • Use an application such as Dropbox, to wirelessly transfer your files from your Kindle Fire HD onto your computer and vice versa.

Problem #3 – Internal errors

Some users have experienced a message that states “an internal error has occurred” when trying to access some applications.

Potential Solutions:

  • Restart your Kindle Fire HD by pressing the power button down for 20 seconds and then turning it back on again.
  • Turn your internet router off for a few seconds and then back on again to get rid of any network connectivity issues.
  • Make sure that the date and time are correct on your device by swiping down from the top of the screen, More – Date & Time
  • Find the application that won’t load by swiping from the top of the screen and selecting More – Applications – Installed Applications. Once you’ve discovered the app, select Force Stop – Ok – Clear Data – Ok.
  • De-register your Kindle Fire HD, go to More – My account – Deregister. You can then register the device again and see if it has made a difference to the performance.

Problem #4 – Cannot connect to Wi-Fi

There are various reasons why your Kindle device may not connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Potential Solutions:

  • Start by ensuring that you do not have Airplane mode activated and that Wi-Fi is on by going to More -Wireless.
  • Restart your Kindle Fire HD.
  • Download a Wi-Fi analyzer app to make sure that channels in your area are not too busy.
  • Make sure your Kindle Fire HD is completely charged then reset the Kindle Fire HD to Factory settings.

Problem #5 – Kindle Fire HD won’t charge

Owners of the Kindle device have commented on numerous problems with the battery and charging. Some simply refuse to charge, whereas others will charge only a fraction, and charge very slowly.

Potential Solutions:

  • Turn off your Kindle Fire HD, then charge for a couple of hours.
  • Try the charger with an alternate device to make sure that the cable or charger is not broken.
  • If the light to indicate charging does not appear, try pushing the cable in further or moving it gently. Some Kindle Fire HD’s have been found to have loose ports. If your port does turn out to be loose, you should contact Amazon to ask for a replacement.
  • Make sure to use the charger cable that you received with your Kindle Fire HD.

Problem #6 – Issues with typing

Some users have struggled with an issue on their Kindle Fire HD where the keyboard fails to type correctly, producing random collections of characters or deleting words.

Potential Solutions:

  • Make sure your touchscreen is completely clean by wiping it with a microfiber cloth.
  • Ensure that your case is fitted correctly, and that your screen protector has no air bubbles trapped in it.
  • Make sure that your Kindle Fire HD has been fully charged then restart the device.
  • Save all of your important data and try a factory reset.
  • Contact Amazon if you are still experiencing problems after a factory reset and ask for a replacement.

Problem #7 – No audio through headphones or speakers

A few users have reported problems with getting audio to come through their headphones or speakers on the Kindle device.

Potential Solutions:

  • Make sure that your volume is turned up by tapping the volume up button at the side of the tablet, or check through Settings – Display & Sounds.
  • If your speakers aren’t working, try plugging in a set of headphones then unplugging them again, or soft reboot your tablet by turning it off and on again.
  • If you have a case on your device and your headphones aren’t working properly, try removing the case and trying the headphones again.
  • Try jiggling the headphone jack for gently and see whether it produces audio. If it does, then you may need to contact Amazon about getting a replacement, as your jack or speakers are likely to be faulty.

Problem #8 – Pre-installed browser will not start

Various Kindle Fire HD owners have struggled with issues caused by the pre-installed Silk browser. It has often been criticized for its slow performance and constant crashing.

Potential Solutions:

  • Try rebooting your device by holding the power button for twenty seconds and then turning it back on again.
  • Clear data on your Silk browser by going to Settings – Applications – Manage all applications – All applications – Silk browser – Clear data.

Problem #9 – Email isn’t working

Some users have expressed concerns with getting their email accounts to work on their Kindle Fire HD. Accounts will either work for a short amount of time before suddenly stopping, or will not begin working at all.

Potential Solutions:

  • Because this problem could be caused by the email app that is already installed on the Kindle Fire HD, you may benefit from downloading a third-party app to use instead.

There are some of the most common problems that users have reported with the Kindle. We’ll continue updating this list as more problems arise, and provide you with potential solutions to help you fix your issues. Remember to let us know if you have experienced the issues we have discussed, and if our solutions worked for you, and mention any other problems you have had so we can help you find a fix.

We at kindle support Help waiting for your positive response!

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