kindle books not showing up on amazon account

We have been serving people for many years for various issues that they come across while using there paperwhite. . At times my expert’s face problems of clients like:


  • They have some library and free books downloaded to Kindle oasis for PC and they want to read them on Kindle voyage for Android.
  • Those books show up fine in the Kindle for PC home folder but when they go to the Kindle app.
  • They say that I have no Kindle titles in the library, no matter how many times I sync. When I look in Manage Your Kindle on Kindle for PC, no books show up – is this because they are library and free books ie not purchased from the Kindle store)?
  • Problem is without showing up in Manage Your Kindle, I can’t use the actions drop down menu.
  • Can you tell me how to get non-purchased Kindle books showing up on my device?
  • I need this resolved before I buy a Kindle Touch – no point buying one if I can’t read my library books on it.


  1. If in case the books were not purchased from Amazon and didn’t send them to the paperwhite via email, they won’t show up in “Manage Your Kindle”.
  2. If you don’t get the solution from initial steps, go for our assistance to get instant solution.


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