How to Fix Alexa Echo Mic Problems?

How to solve Amazon Echo Mic Problems?

Alexa is one of the very few virtual assistant that has actually made lives easier for its users. It is an amazing technology that converts your commands into action. Alexa is the software which runs on the Amazon Echo smart speakers. It can enable you to use your voice to check the weather forecast, set reminders and alarms, play music, book a cab and much more. But as with everything, you can also experience some problems related to the Echo speaker, specifically with its microphone.

Mic or Microphone is a hardware component which listens to your voice commands, so that they can be executed. If you feel that troubleshooting the problem by yourself can make it even worse you should get help by contacting the Amazon Alexa customer support, where a team of certified technicians will help you out with your issue.


Now, if you want to try fixing it yourself, here are some troubleshooting tips for your mic problem:

  1. Restart your Echo:  Unplug your Echo device and then wait for 15-20 seconds. Turn it back on again and then try to give a command, if your Echo still doesn’t work try factory resetting it via the Alexa app.
  2. Change Location: If your Amazon Echo smart speaker is placed in some noisy environment, you need to place it in a quite environment away from your other entertainment devices.
  3. Teach Alexa to hear you better: Open the Alexa app on your device and tap on the menu button > settings. There you will find an option of Voice training, explore it and try speaking then.
  4. Change Network: If your network is slow or its not secure, then you will face problems using Alexa because it requires a healthy network connection. Try using a different internet to connect to Alexa.

If you are still facing problems with your microphone you can contact the Amazon Alexa customer support number and the certified technicians will help you out with your issue.

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  1. Lori oden

    I realized the Echo is showing microphones error, I tried turning it off and on, I live in Trinidad Tobago, so change setting still red bar on bottom, what can I do next?

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