How do I connect Alexa to my Smart TV?

How to Use Alexa to Control Smart TV or Video Service

Alexa is a voice assistant software that is compatible with your Smart TV via your Echo or any other Alexa enabled device. All you need to do is perform some simple steps to set up your TV with your Alexa. The Alexa can be used in 6 different ways on your Smart TV. All the methods to set up your Alexa with your TV are as follows:

  • Using Fire TV devices
  • Using a TV which supports Alexa
  • Using Alexa with Logitech Harmony remote control system
  • Via Roku
  • Via URC custom remote control system
  • Using Dish on Direct TV

Here, in this blog you can get all the information on how to Use Alexa to control a TV which is compatible with Alexa.

Steps to set up Alexa with a TV

Fire Stick TV devices are available in the market and you can easily set them up with your Alexa Echo. But there are also many models available in the market that is not a Fire TV but supports Alexa via Echo devices. This feature is available in some selected models offered by LG, Sony, and Vizio. The steps to connect these TV’s with Alexa are discussed below.

For LG TVs:

  • Your TV should be Alexa compatible.
  • On your TV screen open up the Alexa setup and continue with the process.
  • Open up your Alexa app on your smartphone and sign in using your LG account.
  • Then enable LG SmartThinQ Alexa Skill on your Alexa app and link your LG account.
  • Then follow the screen instructions and complete the process.

For Sony TVs:

  • On your Alexa app enable the Sony TV skill and then follow the instructions to connect your TV with your Echo smart speaker.
  • On the home screen of your TV open the Alexa app and complete the installation process.
  • You also need to log in with your google account and select your TV model.

For Vizio TVs:

  • On the home screen of your TV open up the Vizio TV SmartCast.
  • Then using the remote select the extra menu from the settings.
  • In the voice settings, pair with the display.
  • Then visit the Vizio website on your smartphone or computer, open up the Alexa setup and enter the PIN that is shown on your TV screen.
  • Follow the instructions and complete the process.

By following the above steps you can connect your Alexa to control your TV. If you are not able to do it, don’t worry, you can contact the Amazon Alexa helpline number to get expert help and get your issue resolved.


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