how do i fix my frozen kindle

Today people want to be updated. Everyone love to read. We know kindle reading is most wanted among readers across the globe. At times issues occur while using the device. You can apply initial steps to resolve the problem. If then also you don’t get the solution. Contact our professionals for instant solutions. We work according to your requirements.

Following are surprisingly the common complaints from many users:

  1.  e-book reader restarts/reboots itself frequently
  2. They face the problem of frozen kindle.
  3. Sometimes, every time they turn it ON or OFF it is frozen.
  4. Unable to start working.


  • Kindles and tablet PCs defy the sort of tinkering that can revive a dead gadget.
  • Even something as simple as removing the battery, forcing the device to reboot. This isn’t possible without major surgery.


  • Put it in charge for at least 3 hours then carry out a ‘hard’ reset, by holding the slider switch on the base in the ON position for 30 seconds.
  • Try it two or three times, be patient between tries.
  • It can take more seconds after full reset.
  •  Many dead Kindles come back to life after connecting it to their PC by the USB cable.

 Well we’re scraping the barrel now:

 How to fix the frozen Kindle:

1) Charge the Kindle battery:

Charge it and see if the Kindle is working properly. If your Kindle was frozen due to low battery then this will solve your problem.

2) If your Kindle is still frozen go for a soft reset:

Press Alt, Shift, R keys at the same time to do this. Your kindle screen would go blank and come back to life after few seconds.


If Kindle is still frozen after the soft reset then go for a hard reset.


– See the battery is charged.

-Make sure if the Kindle is connected to power supply, switch off the supply.

– Turn the Kindle and take the gray cover off.

– You will see a small hole below the word “Reset”. Insert a paper clip in the hole, press gently for few seconds.

– Kindle screen would go blank and the Kindle will restart. If may take few seconds.

4) Try replacing the battery. If Kindle is still frozen after a soft and hard reset.


Still, your kindle doesn’t work you need to take experts advice. You can contact us anytime. Give us a call and we’ll fix the issue in specific time. 100% reliable service we provide.

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