how to fix Kindle eBook Have Warning Message for Errors

Looking for Solutions to how to fix Kindle eBook Have Warning Message for Errors.There are a number of e-books on the Amazon Kindle Store that have various errors. This can be as simple as a series of spelling mistakes or formatting issues. Now Amazon has begun to show customers a warning message on the Paperwhite.  As soon as Amazon receives an updated file from self-published authors or publishing companies the warning message will be removed.

Amazon has two stages of the warning system that will go live within a few weeks:

  • Incase e-book contains a few spelling mistakes but is still readable, warning message will appear on the details page of that specific title.
  • It will make the book buyers aware that there are some issues.
  • If the book has bad formatting issues, basically renders it unreadable Amazon will suppress it and the book listing will be removed.
  • The timing of Amazon rolling on this new warning message on e-books very interesting.


  • These mistakes can happen due to location variation.
  • You might be a UK writer and worried about American readers complaining about spelling differences.
  •  It says very clearly on the Kindle help page that these aren’t considered spelling errors.
  • Might be a fantasy author worried about made-up names for monsters you’ve created, at this point I see no reason for you to panic.


  • These are’nt the same reasons as the list of possible spelling mistakes that you receive when you upload your content file.
  •  Amazon may use an automated spellchecker to aid in their assessment.
  •  The readers are involved to an extent. Kindle help page specifically refers to mistakes that readers tell about.
  • Man power will be involved from Amazon’s end.
  • They may verify the issues and to send an email notification to the authors/publishers.
  • You may need to run for cover from Amazon’s editing bots.e-book containing a whiff of a typo, spelling error, or formatting error.


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