How to connect Alexa to Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio)

How to Setup a Smart TV that works with Amazon Alexa

Alexa is a virtual voice assistant that comes installed with the Echo smart speakers. Alexa can be used to control your smart TV with your voice. Once connected with your TV you can search for movies, songs, shows, change channels and volume, and even control the playback of your DVR. Right now, Alexa is compatible with Sony 4K HDR Android TVs, Logitech Harmony and BroadLink devices. For any further queries you can contact the Amazon Alexa helpline number and qualified professionals will clear all your doubts.

How to Setup a Smart TV that works with Alexa

FireTv is the most common way of connecting Alexa to stream videos and control your TV, but there are also other ways to connect your smart TV with Alexa through the Echo smart speaker.

The smart TV’s which can work with the Alexa are LG (2018), Sony (2016, 2017, 2018), and Vizio (2017 and 2018), and will be accessible on prospective select 2018 models from Hisense.

For Samsung TVs:

The first step is to connect your TV to SmartThing Hub and to do that follow the steps below:

  • Turn on the TV and connect it to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the settings menu on your TV by using your remote.
  • Then, select the ‘System’ option and then click on ‘Samsung Account’.
  • Sign in to your Samsung account and open up the SmartThing app.
  • In the app connect your TV to the SmartThing Hub.

Next step is to connect your SmartThing Hub to your Alexa and for that follow the steps below:

  • Open up the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Select the ‘menu’ option and tap on Smart Home.
  • In the search box type ‘smart things’ and then click search.
  • A list of options will appear and you need to select the smart things skill and enable it.
  • Then you need to enter the correct smart things account details for the login.
  • Once you have done that another window will open from which you need to select the ‘Live’ option.
  • Now, you will get a message confirming your connection with Alexa.

You would now be able to control your Samsung Smart TV by issuing a commands beginning with the prompt, “Alexa”. Though, this process is fairly simple and most people can do it themselves. But, if you face any difficulties connecting your TV to the Alexa you can contact the Amazon Alexa customer support number and a certified technician will help you out with your issue.

For LG TVs:

  • Launch the Set-Up TV option for Amazon Alexa app from the home screen of your compatible LG TV.
  • Follow the on screen instructions and sign into your LG account.
  • Go to the Alexa app on your smartphone to enable the LG SmartThinQ Alexa ability.
  • Complete any steps on your TV and your setup will be done..

For Sony TVs:

  • Open the TV Control Setup with Amazon Alexa App from the Home screen of your TV.
  • Login with your google account and select a name for your TV.
  • Enable the Sony TV Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Follow the steps on screen and the connection is complete.

For Vizio TVs:

  • Turn on the Vizio TV SmartCast app from the home screen.
  • Tap on the’extras’ from the menu bar using your TV remote.
  • Then choose ‘voice settings’ and click on the ‘pair display’ option.
  • On your smartphone open up the website and enter the PIN demonstrated your TV screen.
  • Come back to the Alexa app on your smartphone and enable the Smart TV skill.
  • Complete any steps prompted on your TV screen and your setup will complete.

These are the steps for setting up your various smart TV’s with the Alexa Echo devices and FireTV devices. If you need any further assistance you can contact the Amazon Alexa helpline number and certified technicians will be there to help you out with your issues.

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