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In winters sitting under a warm blanket with a well-illuminated e-reader becomes a highly fascinating way to spend time. Most of the people choose Amazon Kindle E-readers over other E-readers. Now the question that arise is which Kindle to buy, and it totally depends on your budget and your reading preferences. With our guide and in-depth reviews, we’ll help you find the best for reading for you and your loved ones. Since Amazon’s E Ink slabs were first introduced to the world, the Kindles popularity has raised its brand recognition to the same heights as Q-Tips and Kleenex. Amazon offers Kindle E-book in five models with varying feature sets and ensures there is a Kindle to meet every bookworm’s needs and budget.
Other brands might offer technologically more advanced or less expensive hardware, but you get books, comics, and periodicals available to download and consume on an Amazon Kindle.

You might not get all the important features with less expensive Kindles that could make the time you spend reading more pleasurable. But you have to choose wisely while buying Kindle, it doesn’t mean that more expensive is the best buy Kindle, buy that which serves your purpose.

Here we have provided you the list of best selling Amazon Kindle E-readers.

Amazon Kindle

  • Best Kindle to Buy
  • Great Features and Price
  • With New Back-Light Feature
Product Highlight

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

  • IPX8-Rated Waterproofing
  • Support for Audible Audiobooks
  • Beautiful 6-inch HD Display
Product Highlight

Amazon Kindle Oasis

  • Warm Light Feature
  • High Quality Display
  • Long and Sleek Design
Product Highlight

Best Selling Amazon Kindle E-readers

Amazon Kindle

It is the entry level Amazon Kindle and is the best Kindle you can buy right now, with great features and price. Launched in March 2019, with new back-light feature and that means now all the Amazon’s Kindle family comes with illumination .

You will get all features of previous model in it, with a sufficient touchscreen display, long lasting battery and plenty of space for all your digital books, plus an intuitive interface, with that navigating becomes easy.

It is very light weight and sleek, you would not feel like you are carrying an entire library with you, it is lighter than a page of a book. The obvious reason for buying this product is that you want a reasonable price, design with back-light and a higher resolution display.

 You should note one thing that it is not waterproof. So, if you are finding waterproof Kindle E-reader it is not suitable for you.Go to Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite was updated in 2018. Some features of Kindle Oasis and Voyage are included in it with IPX8-rated waterproofing and support for Audible audiobooks.

The screen is fabolous and comes with a beautiful 6-inch HD display with 300ppi pixel density and 8GB of storage, that means you can keep thousands of books on one device. Kindle Paperwhite is like you are using a real paper. You get access to Amazon’s library of books and the Kindle Unlimited rental service on the Paperwhite. You get a built-in light and with glare protection you can read anything in sunlight.

The battery is not as fine as the last version as it only lasts between four and six weeks. And you might not find it’s bland design attractive.Go to Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis is one of the most premium E-reader available right now in the market. If you are searching for the most premium Kindle E-book then your search is over, also you can afford its price, then just go and buy.

The Kindle Oasis 2019 is added with new features like a warm light which can reduce your eye strain, a more delicate design, and improved back-lighting.

You get a large, high quality display, long and sleek design that makes the E-reader easy to hold at a range of angles, and the main benefit you get is the storage space which enables you to save as many books as you need.

If you want to get best Amazon Kindle E-reader with all the latest features and technology then you can consider this for buying.

With the new technology and latest features, this Kindle Oasis is very expensive. If you can shell out this much amount of money then this is the best buy for you.

You might have heard of Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals. In these deals you can get great offers.Go to Amazon Kindle Oasis


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