My kindle fire wont turn on even when plugged in

Looking for reason why My kindle fire wont turn on even when plugged in. Amazon kindle at times stops working, it may be due to the battery problem. You need not worry we’ ll surely help you. Call us at our toll-free number


  • Try resetting your device.
  • If resetting doesn’t work. Your battery may be dead.
  • Plug the Kindle oasis into the charger.
  • Wait for few minutes before trying to turn it on again.
  • If the device refuses to start up, reset it.
  • It is also possible that you have a dead charging cable.
  • Well, the cables that come with the Kindle Fire are not known for their longevity.
  • Charge the tablet with another cord that has a Micro USB connection.
  • See if the device responds.
  • If all this doesn’t help, go for our assistance.


At times things get up and down. Relax we can definitely help you with any sort of glitch. After trying at your level if your issue is not solved. Then it’s a good idea to take experts advice. Go ahead with extra support to solve your problem with professionals hand. Without wasting your precious time contact us on our toll-free number. We give you best-advanced service within no time. It’s good for you to make the smart decision and contact our team to resolve your issue as soon as possible.


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See your dead device in live condition all over again. Enjoy reading books to the fullest with no technical glitch

how to fix Kindle eBook Have Warning Message for Errors

Looking for Solutions to how to fix Kindle eBook Have Warning Message for Errors.There are a number of e-books on the Amazon Kindle Store that have various errors. This can be as simple as a series of spelling mistakes or formatting issues. Now Amazon has begun to show customers a warning message on the Paperwhite.  As soon as Amazon receives an updated file from self-published authors or publishing companies the warning message will be removed.

Amazon has two stages of the warning system that will go live within a few weeks:

  • Incase e-book contains a few spelling mistakes but is still readable, warning message will appear on the details page of that specific title.
  • It will make the book buyers aware that there are some issues.
  • If the book has bad formatting issues, basically renders it unreadable Amazon will suppress it and the book listing will be removed.
  • The timing of Amazon rolling on this new warning message on e-books very interesting.


  • These mistakes can happen due to location variation.
  • You might be a UK writer and worried about American readers complaining about spelling differences.
  •  It says very clearly on the Kindle help page that these aren’t considered spelling errors.
  • Might be a fantasy author worried about made-up names for monsters you’ve created, at this point I see no reason for you to panic.


  • These are’nt the same reasons as the list of possible spelling mistakes that you receive when you upload your content file.
  •  Amazon may use an automated spellchecker to aid in their assessment.
  •  The readers are involved to an extent. Kindle help page specifically refers to mistakes that readers tell about.
  • Man power will be involved from Amazon’s end.
  • They may verify the issues and to send an email notification to the authors/publishers.
  • You may need to run for cover from Amazon’s editing bots.e-book containing a whiff of a typo, spelling error, or formatting error.


  • First implementing steps to solve your problem, can help you.
  • But if it does’nt work, go for experts help.
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  • Get rid of warning messages about errors.

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how to fix kindle frozen screen won’t turn on

A solution for how to fix kindle frozen screen won’t turn on- If you are Looking for the help to make your kindle fix. Then you are at the right place. We will help you to make your kindle fix and you can enjoy using your kindle again.
When an electronic kindle device “locks up” or freezes usually resetting it fixes the problem.

When this happens I compare it to a traffic jam that needs to cleared away, which is kind of what we’re doing when we turn our Kindle Fire off and back on: clearing away an internal breaking up a fight.

That’s just my take on things.

Reasons for why my kindle screen get frozen or stuck

There are many reasons of the frozen screen of your kindle device. There are many customers saying- I am using my kindle and unfortunately without doing any extra activity, my kindle screen gets frozen. I used various methods to make my kindle device running. But nothing works.

Looking for How to fix kindle device?

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Solution for how to fix kindle frozen screen won’t turn on:

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  • You get instant solutions irrespective of the type of kindle issues.
  • We provide the reliable environment, you can share your issues and we’ll make it done.
  • Our professionals have won the trust of customers since many years. Now they are regular with us.

Get instant Support

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how do i fix my frozen kindle

Today people want to be updated. Everyone love to read. We know kindle reading is most wanted among readers across the globe. At times issues occur while using the device. You can apply initial steps to resolve the problem. If then also you don’t get the solution. Contact our professionals for instant solutions. We work according to your requirements.

Following are surprisingly the common complaints from many users:

  1.  e-book reader restarts/reboots itself frequently
  2. They face the problem of frozen kindle.
  3. Sometimes, every time they turn it ON or OFF it is frozen.
  4. Unable to start working.


  • Kindles and tablet PCs defy the sort of tinkering that can revive a dead gadget.
  • Even something as simple as removing the battery, forcing the device to reboot. This isn’t possible without major surgery.


  • Put it in charge for at least 3 hours then carry out a ‘hard’ reset, by holding the slider switch on the base in the ON position for 30 seconds.
  • Try it two or three times, be patient between tries.
  • It can take more seconds after full reset.
  •  Many dead Kindles come back to life after connecting it to their PC by the USB cable.

 Well we’re scraping the barrel now:

 How to fix the frozen Kindle:

1) Charge the Kindle battery:

Charge it and see if the Kindle is working properly. If your Kindle was frozen due to low battery then this will solve your problem.

2) If your Kindle is still frozen go for a soft reset:

Press Alt, Shift, R keys at the same time to do this. Your kindle screen would go blank and come back to life after few seconds.


If Kindle is still frozen after the soft reset then go for a hard reset.


– See the battery is charged.

-Make sure if the Kindle is connected to power supply, switch off the supply.

– Turn the Kindle and take the gray cover off.

– You will see a small hole below the word “Reset”. Insert a paper clip in the hole, press gently for few seconds.

– Kindle screen would go blank and the Kindle will restart. If may take few seconds.

4) Try replacing the battery. If Kindle is still frozen after a soft and hard reset.


Still, your kindle doesn’t work you need to take experts advice. You can contact us anytime. Give us a call and we’ll fix the issue in specific time. 100% reliable service we provide.

Kindle support number to fix frozen kindle issue

Amazon Kindle Fire is a tablet computer developed by It is built with Quanta Computer.

Kindle support number to fix frozen kindle issue. CALL US AT TOLL-FREE NUMBER


  • We are known for providing quality services.
  • Our aim is your satisfaction.
  • We are a team of experts helping you in every way possible.
  • Our work is finished within the time frame.
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Details about kindle:

  • The Kindle Fire was first released in November 2011.
  • Featuring a color 7-inch multi-touch display.
  • With IPS technology and running a custom version of Google’s Android operating system called Fire OS.
  • The Kindle Fire HD followed in September 2012.
  • The Kindle Fire HDX in September 2013.
  • In September 2014, with the fourth generation introduction, the adjective “Kindle” was dropped.
  • In September 2015, the fifth generation Fire 7 was released.
  • Followed by the sixth generation Fire HD 8, in September 2016.


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  • We solve all problems that occur using an e-reader.

Key benefits and features of an e-reader:

  • The special high-contrast screen allows reading even in bright sunshine with no glare.
  • Clear text and fonts. A sharp display – what you see resembles a book page.
  • Adjustable size.
  • Built-in wifi or 4G connection.
  • Battery life of at least a month without wifi.
  • Page-turning function, you feel as if you’re reading a real book.
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter and allows searching on Wikipedia.
  • Never heats up.
  • Books can be categorized as collections.
  • Automatic archive function.
  • You can delete books and download them another time.
  • The screen can be rotated for viewing of pictures, diagrams, maps, etc.
  • Able to read newspapers, magazines and web pages.
  • In-built keyboard enables searching within a library, online or a book
  • You can add your own annotations to the text.
  • Automatic bookmark.
  • Built-in Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Password protection.

We are always here to help you to resolve your issues occurring regarding your e-reader. Feel free to contact us anytime at our toll-free number.

Our team of professionals works dedicatedly to help you with all kind of problem’s you might be facing.

Kindle Customer Service Support Phone Number

The increase in the technology has changed the life and added lots of comfort. In the world of modernization, everyone is enjoying new created products from techies. In fact life has become almost impossible without these things. Sometimes You need help for the Devices. Then for your help Kindle Customer Service Support Phone Number is always available for your help.

Need Kindle Customer Service Support Phone Number

Wherever you turn around, technically advanced products are visible like mobile devices, computer machines, laptops, etc. Such products comprises of high resolution and thus suitable to work only for some limited hours. For sorting such time issue, Amazon has brought a device known as Kindle. It provides a facility to users read at its best without causing any sort of trouble to the eyes. Customers are always looking For “what is kindle customer service phone number?” to get help for their issues. We are 24*7 available to provide you support. Call at Kindle Customer Service Support Phone Number

  • The Kindle is an amazing piece of technology, but it’s not perfect. From time to time, you might experience problems with your Kindle’s performance, or it may stop working altogether. Since Kindles don’t have an external keyboard or mouse like a computer, it’s tricky to know what to do when yours freezes up or stops responding. When that happens, it helps to have a Technology Adviser in your corner.
  • Kindle is like a tablet with extra features. You might be wondering how you are going to get the books and magazines on an electronic device. Kindle has an advanced screen, which is easy on eyes as you can adjust the brightness of the screen accordingly. The device is packed with other features too. Besides books you can download magazines as well.
  • Some of the issues that kindle users come across are Wi-Fi connection issues, screen gets frozen, Books, music, app and video issues ,downloading issues and so on. We at The Device Support are dedicated to receive your call and answer your question if you have some doubt. Every employe undergoes complete training in which they are made familiar with the key aspects of Kindle.
  • Call now at Amazon Kindle Customer Support Phone Number to be connected to a friendly, expert Technology Adviser who’s ready to help.

Amazon Kindle Support

  •  Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and confident with your computers and devices, so we always take the time to do it right. Amazon Kindle Support Always available for your help.
  • To ensure prompt and precise support to the Kindle users, we at Amazon Device Support took the challenge to live up to the expectations of the people who are facing different issues in their Kindle devices.
  • We have mentioned the troubleshooting steps related to any issue befalling Kindle devices. We have accumulated the most suitable information, which we have also published on the website to help our readers.
  • it becomes important for the company to have the Kindle support that is necessary to fix all the issues in its devices.

We provide the best assistance for the below-mentioned issues:

  1. How to get started with the Kindle tablet.
  2. How to transfer eBooks from Old Kindle tablet to the new one.
  3. Looking for How to get the Kindle for PC.
  4. How to change the Kindle format for better reading.
  5. How to fix Kindle frozen issue
  6. Unable to find My Kindle books.
  7. Not able to understand the option of ‘Manage Your Kindle’
  8. My Kindle was lost or stolen.
  9. Unable to connect Kindle device to Wi-Fi network.
  10. Unable to order books in foreign languages.
  11. Not able to find Kindle tech support for Kindle repair.
  12. Official Amazon Kindle help is not able to provide the right assistance to me.
  13. Unable to transfer books, videos, audio files and other documents from Kindle to PC.
  14. Kindle battery is not charging.
  15. Back lighting is not working and Kindle tech support is unable to find the root cause for the issue.
  16. Kindle not working after OS upgrade.
  17. Pages with graphics and animations turn slowly.
  18. Kindle home screen is blank.

What is need of Kindle Tech Support Contact Phone Number?

  • Kindle battery is half charged or uncharged
  • Content won’t download in kindle
  • Kindle is unable to download any E-book
  • Kindle books are getting synchronize errors repeatedly
  • My Kindle fire won’t turns on
  • Kindle has software update issues; it is restarting itself
  • Kindle has connectivity issue; it is not connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Dictionary won’t work in kindle
  • Kindle fire pass code recovery issue
  • Kindle has registration issues

We are discussing the common glitches of this E-device. Our list will tell you about the common issues you are likely to face during your E-reading. Here we are telling about ten issues which are leading the other issues in terms of occurrence. We believe that a user should know why support for Kindle is necessary. if you have any problem in kindle Device Call Kindle Tech Support Contact Number

You can connect with the suggested platform for the following reasons such as:

  • When you are running short of Wi-Fi internet connectivity
  • Solution for When Kindle Fire registration gets over
  • When you come across Kindle Fire freezing troubles
  • You can consider Kindle customer service to set up Kindle Fire HD
  • In the stances like slow performance of the Kindle device, consider our Kindle technical support team
  • For connecting Kindle with your computer machine, if you any assistance then our team is there for you

Troubleshoot issues via Kindle technical support team

Fix all the cumbersome situations in Kindle device via one and only highly supportive team. You will find this team highly organized, systematic, and co-operative when it is to solve the above mentioned Kindle device. Call up at the Kindle customer service number anytime as there is round the clock assistance for all.

Kindle technical support Helps in the following issues

  • Issues with the Wi-Fi on Kindle
  • Inability in registering Kindle
  • Frozen of the screen
  • Slow book downloading
  • Book not received
  • Slow working of the Kindle
  • Kindle fail to turn on
  • Fail to purchase Kindle
  • Kindle Fire does not respond
  • Issues while signing in
  • Kindle fail to receive a converted file
  • Blank screen of Kindle web browser
  • Wi fi issues in Kindle
  • Kindle fails to Charge
  • My Kindle YouTube app fail to work
  • Kindle internet does not work

Looking for Amazon kindle customer support phone number

We provide you amazon kindle customer support telephone number to deliver quick and accurate information regarding Kindle devices. They have the most advanced tools to rectify the issues in the Kindle devices, let it be Kindle first edition or the latest one by the name of Kindle Oasis.
24/7 Help: With a team of vastly experienced and well-trained individuals, Tablet Helpline has always been able to provide the most effective support to its customers residing in all parts of the world. Customers can give the company a call anytime of the day at Amazon kindle customer support contact number and get expect prompt and accurate support.

Unmatched Kindle Help: Whatever the problem in Kindle is, Tablet Helpline has the most suitable information regarding the resolution, which promises that the issues will never appear again in the device. Call amazon kindle customer service phone number and get all solution regarding kindle from our technicians.
A quick&easy solution to all your Kindle Problems, Online Technical Support

Kindle Support&Help for all versions:

  • My Kindle tablet won’t turn on, or the Kindle battery won’t charge.
  • Kindle won’t connect to Wi-Fi, or unable to download content.
  • Accidental wrong purchase, or synchronization issues
  • Corrupt Book data or the book won’t open at all.
  • Kindle Account registered to separate device
  • My Kindle tablet Screen won’t turn on
  • Kindle tablet Hardware Issues

A complete troubleshooting for the following issues in Kindle devices:

  1. Problem in transferring images, music files, videos and eBooks.
  2. My Problem in downloading eBooks on Kindle devices.
  3. Problem in viewing eBooks on Kindle devices.
  4. Frozen screen.
  5. Problem in connecting the Kindle device to the home/office Wi-Fi network.
  6. Unable to get Kindle Fire support.
  7. Kindle com support is not able to provide the right resolution.

kindle Paperwhite customer service phone number

  • Our Kindle Paper White is powered by one of the finest processor to read eBooks that provides you one of the best reading experience. It comes with high resolution 300 PPI screen to enhance the joy of reading eBooks.
  • Kindle Paper White has 4 GB of internal storage to save thousands of your loved eBooks on it so that you can carry your world with you. Kindle Paper White is also one the cheapest Kindle device that you can buy in the market today.
  • We also provide world class customer service to kindle users in case of any problem. you can Call at kindle Paperwhite technical support phone number and get instant solutions.
  • One of the largest eCommerce companies in world has recently launched new models of their most awarded tablet Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX.
  • Kindle tablets are based on extremely customizable version of Android platform. It means that Kindle devices are one of the most customizable tablets these days that you can buy.
  • Unlike previous generation of Kindle Paper White, Kindle Fire range will let you customize almost entire look and feel of the device as per your choice and requirement.
  • New range of Kindle Fire load with most advance features. like text to speech and voice assistant from Kindle Help to assist readers with visual difficulties.

Need kindle fire customer support phone number for Kindle Fire/ Fire HD

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Support for Kindle Paper white

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kindle books customer service phone number

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We also Provide Support for Kindle App:

  • Looking for help for kindle App. Having problem in using Kindle app. Kindle App doesn’t Working Contact at Kindle app Customer Service Phone Number.
  • Your comfort is above anything else to us thus we are very particular what our technicians are serving and how it is served. We have phone as a mode to advice and help users.
  • Our clients spread into every corner of the continents, so calling us would be the best option. This will indeed save time and money in commuting. Our kindle customer service team has excellent skills to talk to you.
  • They use their sharp listening skills and make out what exact problem is causing you issues in using Kindle. Therefore, take our excellent services for all any of the Kindle models.
  • You can chat with talented experts anytime of the day and night because of round the clock availability of the support team.
  • Our experts respond to your calls on the spot. If issue is easy to resolve then we suggest the way instantly in case, if issue is too complicated to resolve then we take some time.
  • Without any further delays, it will be better for people to go through the website and know what features they are going to get while accessing Tablet Helpline. Moreover, for any issue in the Kindle devices, get in touch with one of the company’s rep and get the issue sorted out.

Call amazon kindle customer service phone number

  • Where most Kindle users prefer to take our support to get all the help related to their Kindle devices. It has been often found that there are certain issues for which, it is not required to get in touch with the technical support.
  • The common problems can fixed by logging onto Tablet Helpline link. Because the company has got talented professionals. As that of the Kindle support website who are proficient in working with a systematic approach.
  • The best thing about Tablet Helpline is that it is one of the few Kindle support companies that offers support for all the Kindle models. Whether it has obsoleted or currently in the market.

Call kindle warranty support number

  • Customer always Looking for the Kindle Warranty Support Number. As their kindle Device in warranty and They Need Direct number To Call Kindle Warranty Support Number. So this Number is for you. Where you get instant help.
  • Starting from the registration of this E-device and download of E-books, kindle care for all intents and purposes deals with the connectivity issues, charging issues, sync issues, and much more.
  • It is supported by the best technical minds of the sphere. Despite its utmost superiority, it is polite in welcoming the lovers of E-books.
  • To know the actual shape of kindle customer service, you are supposed to ask for help for any of the E-reading issues you are facing these days.
  • Even you will be welcomed for kindle frozen issues and the customer service will do that with the highest level of professionalism.
  • It every time provides well-researched services and it is doing that with the help of its quality control unit.
  • At the same time, the quality assurance department is ensuring the accuracy of offered services, no matter it is a simple issue or a difficult issue. In a single line, kindle care is catering unblemished services to millions of users.

We provide Support For Kindle Devices in USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA. To get help Contact Kindle Help Customer Service Phone Number.

Kindle not connecting Wi-Fi

Looking for help for Kindle not connecting Wi-Fi. Kindle is the product from Amazon and this gadget has driven the world with ultimate techniques. It is a device is more than just a Miracle. It is a grandeur as well as woven features make Kindle Fire one of the most sold item across the globe and at most reasonable prices. Kindle is no different. There is a huge reason why Kindle Fire is loved a lot by its users. With the same intensity in all the countries, it is present in and that in its quickie customer service as well as the product itself. Continue reading “Kindle not connecting Wi-Fi”

Kindle Troubleshooting

Kindle Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot Kindle Issues

The Amazon Kindle received world-wide appreciation ever since the first day of its launch. Those who love to read swear by the comfort and usability of this gadget. However, it is an electronically operated device which means that there are bound to be ups and downs. Call KINDLE SUPPPORT

Yes! There will be times when your Amazon Kindle will not work or tend to have operational issues. But, before you hit the panic button in such situations, you need to understand a few things. For starters, issues with electronically operated devices are common and so need not be feared. Also, many of these issues are not at all serious and simply require a restart operation to get the working back on track.

The following steps must be taken in Kindle Troubleshooting Problems:

Understand the Issue.

Before anything else, it is very essential to know, what the actual problem is, and what interruption is being caused. Like, whether the screen is not turning on, or the Power Button won’t work, or even if the Kindle won’t charge. We must first need to know what the basic problem is.

Access the Kindle Manual.

Whenever we buy a Kindle, it comes with an Owner’s manual. If you feel like you don’t have it, you can also download it from Amazon’s Official Website.

  • The owner’s manual has a list of frequent issues, or some uncommon issues too, and their solution mentioned. The owner’s manual is a great Kindle Technical support resource!
Try Various Solutions.

After you have accessed the Kindle Owner’s Manual, you can try the solution mentioned in it, if you have the same problem as is. The Amazon Kindle Support staff also recommends using the Kindle Owner’s manual before anything else.

  • May it be hardware issues, or the software issues, or the Account Information issues, they can help you in the best possible way with ease. Listen carefully to the solution they recommend, and try it as they ask you to do it. In most of the cases, the problem should be solved easily.

Below, we will discuss some of the potential solutions you could use to fix these issues.

Problem #1 – Trouble with startup

Some users have reported that they encounter brief freezes or issues when starting up their Kindle Fire HD, or cannot turn on the device on at all.

Possible solutions:

  • Hold down the power button for twenty seconds to reboot the device, and then tap the power button to turn it back on. This may clear out any glitches that are causing the problem.
  • Press down the power button for twenty seconds until the device is completely off, then plug in the charger and hit the power button again to turn it on. If you think that your battery may be empty, leave it to charge for about an hour before you try to turn it back on.

Problem #2 – Can’t connect to a PC

Some people have found that they struggle with connecting their Kindle Fire HD or HDX to their computer or laptop. While attempting to move files from one location to the other, you may receive a message that the device has stopped responding or been disconnected. In other instances, you might not be able to get the device to appear on your computer as a drive at all.

Potential Solutions:

  • Try turning both your computer and your Kindle Fire HD off for a few seconds, and then back on again. This will reset them both and give them another chance to connect.
  • Attempt using another USB cable, in case the problem is in that, or if you have a spare USB port, try plugging it into that instead.
  • Use an application such as Dropbox, to wirelessly transfer your files from your Kindle Fire HD onto your computer and vice versa.

Problem #3 – Internal errors

Some users have experienced a message that states “an internal error has occurred” when trying to access some applications.

Potential Solutions:

  • Restart your Kindle Fire HD by pressing the power button down for 20 seconds and then turning it back on again.
  • Turn your internet router off for a few seconds and then back on again to get rid of any network connectivity issues.
  • Make sure that the date and time are correct on your device by swiping down from the top of the screen, More – Date & Time
  • Find the application that won’t load by swiping from the top of the screen and selecting More – Applications – Installed Applications. Once you’ve discovered the app, select Force Stop – Ok – Clear Data – Ok.
  • De-register your Kindle Fire HD, go to More – My account – Deregister. You can then register the device again and see if it has made a difference to the performance.

Problem #4 – Cannot connect to Wi-Fi

There are various reasons why your Kindle device may not connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Potential Solutions:

  • Start by ensuring that you do not have Airplane mode activated and that Wi-Fi is on by going to More -Wireless.
  • Restart your Kindle Fire HD.
  • Download a Wi-Fi analyzer app to make sure that channels in your area are not too busy.
  • Make sure your Kindle Fire HD is completely charged then reset the Kindle Fire HD to Factory settings.

Problem #5 – Kindle Fire HD won’t charge

Owners of the Kindle device have commented on numerous problems with the battery and charging. Some simply refuse to charge, whereas others will charge only a fraction, and charge very slowly.

Potential Solutions:

  • Turn off your Kindle Fire HD, then charge for a couple of hours.
  • Try the charger with an alternate device to make sure that the cable or charger is not broken.
  • If the light to indicate charging does not appear, try pushing the cable in further or moving it gently. Some Kindle Fire HD’s have been found to have loose ports. If your port does turn out to be loose, you should contact Amazon to ask for a replacement.
  • Make sure to use the charger cable that you received with your Kindle Fire HD.

Problem #6 – Issues with typing

Some users have struggled with an issue on their Kindle Fire HD where the keyboard fails to type correctly, producing random collections of characters or deleting words.

Potential Solutions:

  • Make sure your touchscreen is completely clean by wiping it with a microfiber cloth.
  • Ensure that your case is fitted correctly, and that your screen protector has no air bubbles trapped in it.
  • Make sure that your Kindle Fire HD has been fully charged then restart the device.
  • Save all of your important data and try a factory reset.
  • Contact Amazon if you are still experiencing problems after a factory reset and ask for a replacement.

Problem #7 – No audio through headphones or speakers

A few users have reported problems with getting audio to come through their headphones or speakers on the Kindle device.

Potential Solutions:

  • Make sure that your volume is turned up by tapping the volume up button at the side of the tablet, or check through Settings – Display & Sounds.
  • If your speakers aren’t working, try plugging in a set of headphones then unplugging them again, or soft reboot your tablet by turning it off and on again.
  • If you have a case on your device and your headphones aren’t working properly, try removing the case and trying the headphones again.
  • Try jiggling the headphone jack for gently and see whether it produces audio. If it does, then you may need to contact Amazon about getting a replacement, as your jack or speakers are likely to be faulty.

Problem #8 – Pre-installed browser will not start

Various Kindle Fire HD owners have struggled with issues caused by the pre-installed Silk browser. It has often been criticized for its slow performance and constant crashing.

Potential Solutions:

  • Try rebooting your device by holding the power button for twenty seconds and then turning it back on again.
  • Clear data on your Silk browser by going to Settings – Applications – Manage all applications – All applications – Silk browser – Clear data.

Problem #9 – Email isn’t working

Some users have expressed concerns with getting their email accounts to work on their Kindle Fire HD. Accounts will either work for a short amount of time before suddenly stopping, or will not begin working at all.

Potential Solutions:

  • Because this problem could be caused by the email app that is already installed on the Kindle Fire HD, you may benefit from downloading a third-party app to use instead.

There are some of the most common problems that users have reported with the Kindle. We’ll continue updating this list as more problems arise, and provide you with potential solutions to help you fix your issues. Remember to let us know if you have experienced the issues we have discussed, and if our solutions worked for you, and mention any other problems you have had so we can help you find a fix.

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